Dental emergencies are usually the result of an accident; commonly these accidents include falling over, sports injuries and car accidents. Fighting is also a common cause for dental trauma. Depending on the nature of the injury, it may be possible to salvage a tooth which has been knocked out; you should place the tooth in warm water or milk as quickly as possible and seek emergency help. If the tooth is lost it may be replaced by a dental implant or prosthesis.

If you suspect you have broken or dislocated your jaw you should try to keep the jaw as still as possible and seek emergency help from a dentist; healthcare will be able to stabilise the position of the jaw and rebuild the joint, this may require the insertion of wires in extreme cases. If the jaw is not broken but is swollen, applying a cold compress may help to ease swelling.

Facial injuries such as cuts may often be treated using sutures or glue; in extreme cases, such as severe burns, reconstructive surgery may be required which may include procedures such as skin grafts.